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Role models are out there. We just rounded ‘em up.

Women in top technology positions are scarce – but they’re out there. They just need a safe space to rock out, rally the troops, and share success stories.

At Tech Mavens, we want to close the gender gap, shift perceptions and highlight innovators. So we’ve launched a network of trailblazing women in the digital, social media and technology spheres.

We want Tech Mavens to be a crashpad. A launchpad. An inspiration station, advice center, event hub and force for social change.

Let’s face it: we live, work and love online. It’s time to nominate our fearless leaders.

Watch this space for meet-ups in your area, professional snapshots and profiles, and ways to contribute to our forthcoming book.

Questions? Comments? Wild, unbridled geekery? Tell us about the wired-up women that get YOU fired up.


{ Melody Biringer | Co-Creator }

From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With 23 business ventures under her belt — a few of them even successful! — you might call her a lifelong “start-up junkie.”

Her current entrepreneurial love-child is the CRAVEcompany, which connects savvy business owners with stylish consumers through networking events, symposiums and a series of smash-hit city guides. She’s always scouting for the next crop of start-up superstars, solopreneurs and socially-conscious capitalists.

In addition to creating her vibrant CRAVE city guides, Melody is currently collaborating with Tech Mavens co-founder Shauna Causey on a new book profiling the top women in technology and social media across the USA.

Got a hot tech tip for Ms. Biringer? She’s all ears.

E-mail: Melody@TechMavens.com // Blog: http://startupjunkie.com // Twitter: @MelodyBiringer

{ Shauna Causey | Co-Creator }

Tech evangelist Shauna Causey whips social media strategies into swimsuit-season shape. With over 15 years experience, her glittering roster includes the Seattle Mariners, FOX, Fox Sports Net and Comcast.

Shauna is the media mastermind behind Voluntweetup – where tech-savvy tweeters help nonprofits bolster their social media skills. She also leads Twestival Seattle, part of a series of nonprofit media events across the globe. In the last year, Shauna shared her social media savvy with 150+ nonprofits through speaking engagements and one-on-one consultations. As if that weren’t enough, Shauna also serves as the Vice President for the Social Media Club Seattle board of directors.

Not surprisingly, the press can’t get enough of Ms. Causey. TechFlash recently lauded her as one of the 100 Top Women in Tech, The Los Angeles Times cited Shauna as part of the “Female Empire of Women in Tech,” and The Huffington Post profiled her as a powerful advocate for nonprofits.

Look for Shauna’s interviews with tech start-up companies on Seattle 2.0 TV, and stay tuned for her forthcoming book on women in technology – in collaboration with Tech Mavens co-founder Melody Biringer.

Inspired by Shauna’s pragmatic social mission? Wanna get involved? Let her know!

E-mail: Shauna@TechMavens.com // Facebook: http://facebook.com/shaunacausey // Twitter: @ShaunaCausey

{ Bridget Perez | Chief Pixel Primper }

Passionate, witty and effortlessly stylish, Bridget Perez is the co-founder of TRAYCreative — a Seattle-based marketing communications studio that helps businesses increase the value of their brand experience through authentic engagement and meaningful connections. As TRAY’s creative director, Bridget brings thoughtful expertise to brand-identity building, user experience & website design, marketing campaigns and high-concept communication.

Chic, savvy and socially-conscious, TRAY donates a portion of their profits to help under-funded nonprofits secure top-notch branding support.

Got a burning branding issue? Need help navigating a web redesign? Drop Bridget a line.

E-mail: Bridget@TechMavens.com // Facebook: http://facebook.com/TRAYcreative // Twitter: @TRAYCreative

{ April Leone | Head Geek }

Good, clean code is hard to find – just ask April Leone. She’s been developing websites for over twelve years, and has attained guru-level status in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript libraries and more. For the past nine years, she’s lovingly developed CMS tools and user interfaces for a number of social networking platforms. From blogs and forums to audio-visual platforms and powerful administrative functions, April’s programming is squeaky-clean, quirk-free, carefully-documented and easy to understand. Even for n00bs.

Need help with some Internet Explorer bugs? Got a web development hurdle to bound over? Give April a shout!

E-mail: April@TechMavens.com // Twitter: @AprilLeone

{ Rose Gunson | Apprentice, Videographer }

Not one for cookie-cutter careers, Rose is currently designing her own entrepreneurial media degree at the University of Redlands. With a strong background in filmmaking — including directing a music video for hip-hop megastar Usher – Rose brings a multimedia artist’s vision to each of her creative pursuits. In addition to running her own photography business, she’s an avid volunteer who coordinates fundraising events for a number of causes. Rose believes that stellar women should be recognized for their strengths and achievements, and she’s stoked to be part of the Tech Mavens team.

Curious about photography, filmmaking or Usher’s six-pack abs? Rose is your gal.

E-mail: rosegunson@gmail.com // Facebook: http://facebook.com/rosegunson // Twitter: @Rosegunson

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